Sunday, 25 January 2009

The First Post

I'm new to this. I've been a blog reader before, but not a blog writer. I'm not sure why today was the day to become the proud author of a shiny new blog, but let's see where we end up...

Perhaps an introduction is the place to start. I grew up in England but now I live in Australia with a lovely bloke I will refer to here as S. We have no kids or pets, unless you count the lizards in the garden or the spider that lives in the corner of the kitchen window. I am an academic type. Almost a year ago I submitted my PhD thesis (research themes genetics, wildlife, ecology) and after examination, revisions and administration I finally graduated at the end of 2008, so you can now call me Doctor. Whilst finalising my thesis I vowed that once it was all done I would strive to live a more rounded life and do something more creative: perhaps this blog is the result?

Now I'm working as a postdoc, fully in research at the moment, although I've done some teaching in the past. I might write about some of what I do at work, I'm not sure, but expect to get snippets of my adventures, science and other stuff that I find interesting and an idea of the more mundane side of my daily life in this beautiful hot dry corner of the world.

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