Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Specifically, motivation to go in the lab and do science. It is lacking today. Possible causative factors:

1) I am suffering post-public-holiday-itis, an extreme form of Monday-itis brought on by the long weekend. A possibility, but unlikely to be the full story? I'm not lacking motivation for other work-related tasks.

2) I am lacking motivation to move in general because my neck and shoulders are achy and I have arranged to see my physio. So the idea of repetitive pipetting is unattractive. I think there is some truth in this one.

3) I am still crabby, despite my years of professional experience and knowing not to take it too personally, that the PCR I ran on Friday has to be repeated. There is a faint but definite band in one of my negative controls. This is not the end of the world: I know that the nature of the samples I work with and the type of reactions I do make me a prime candidate for occasional contamination and I have ways to deal with this, but it still makes me grumpy. Especially when it happens on a Friday afternoon. At heart I think this is the real cause of my apathy today.

I have an hour before I have a meeting. I should go to the lab. Now. Really.


  1. So, um, did you go to the lab? The suspense is killing me!

  2. Ummm... no. I deferred to later. And then after my meeting it was too late. So I went home and deferred to tomorrow. I'm bad, I know. First thing tonmorrow, I swear!